Jul 9, 2012

“Himitsu No Akko-Chan” Live-Action Film Trailer Released


The trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the pioneering magical girl manga and anime “Himitsu No Akko-Chan” was released. “Himitsu No Akko-Chan”, or “Secret Akko-chan or Akko-chan of Secrets”, is a manga written by Fujio Akatsuka and was published on 1962 to 1965. The popularity of the manga spawned many anime adaptations – beginning on 1969 with 94 episodes; on 1988 with 61 episodes; and 1998 with 44 episodes. A couple of anime movie adaptation were also released.

The live-action film is directed by Yasuhiro Kawamura with main roles Haruka Ayase (“Hotaru no Hikari”, “My Girlfriend is A Cyborg”) as Akko; and Masaki Okada (“Space Brothers”, “Antoki no Inochi”) as Naoto Hayase. In celebration for the 50th anniversary of the manga, “Himitsu No Akko-Chan” will premiere in Japan on September 1. The trailer also features the main theme song “Watashi no Negaigoto” by YUKI. Check out the trailer below.


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