Jul 18, 2012

Korea’s Jinro Soju As The World’s Best-Selling Liquor


According to the The Millionaires’ Club, an England-based catalog that ranks brands, some 61.38 million cases of Korea‘s Jinro soju were sold last year 2011 making it as the world’s best-selling brand of liquor. In fact, this is not the first time that Jinro soju as the most consumed liquor in the world but already its eleventh time. Jinro soju even sold 75.99 million cases in 2008.

Smirnoff vodka came in second with 24.70 million cases sold; third place is Lotte Liquor soju with 23.9 million cases. The rankings are based on yearly aggregate sales in units of nine-liter cases. In order to even make it on to the list, brands need to sell at least 1 million cases a year.

Most people outside of Asia have never heard of the drink and an unknown brand like Jinro Soju to make it to the top is really an impresive feat. A bottle of soju costs around ₩1,450 (a little more than US$1) at convenience stores and around ₩3,500 (around US$3) at restaurants and bars which is cheaper than most liquors, with a medium-level alcohol content like all sojus – the conclusion might be that the weaker and cheaper alcohol is the one that sells better.

Source: CNNGo Seoul


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