Jul 1, 2012

Top 7 Korean Female Stars With Perfect Figures


Arirang TV posted a video about their top 7 female stars with excellent figures, chosen by foreign viewers. Almost all females in the list are in a girl group. Check out their top 7 list and tell us you thoughts.

At 7th is Lee Hyori, a sexy icon with slender waist and tanned skin – a reputed top-notched sexy female artist. Her secret to her sexy figure is exercise such as hiking and she does Yoga too.

On 6th place is Sistar‘s Hyorin. Sistar is Korea‘s top sexy girl group and their leader, Hyorin with her sexy voice, is the one that represents the group. Hyorin is nicknamed Korea’s Beyonce.

5th place is Shin Min-a, the star of “My Girlfriends Is A Gumiho”. She gained status as a commercial queen because of her innocent features and sexy figure.

4th spot is 2NE1‘s Park Bom – known for her explosive singing skills and mannequin-like figure. She stands out with her unique fashion style.

3rd place is Uee of After School who recieved 11.7% of the total votes. Uee created a buzzword “Honey Thighs” with her perfect figure from swimming.

At 2nd place is Kwon Yuri of Girls’ Generation with 13.2% of votes. Showcasing her fashion and figure in the drama “Fashion King”, Kwon Yuri is loved by girls and boys with her innocent face and sexy figure.

At 1st place is Hyun-a of 4minute with a total of 13.7% of the total votes. With their latest mini album “Volume Up”, the group secured the spot as a top sexy girl group with their intense, powerful and sexy performances. HyunA, with her unrivaled sexy qualities and breathetaking dance moves, is chosen as a star with a perfect, hot body.


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