Jul 3, 2012

Upcoming Korean Movie “Horror Stories” Trailer Released


Check out the trailer for the upcoming Korean movie “Horror Stories” which premieres on July 26 in Korea. The film is made up of five separate stories by five different directors – Hong Ji-young, Im Dae-woong, Min Kyu-Dong, Kim Gok, and Kim Sun. The movie will have an earlier world premiere on July 19. Below is the trailer for “Horror Stories”.

Below is a synopsis of the five different parts of the movie including the cast.

Director: Min Kyu-Dong
Plot: Omnibus film “Scary Stories” begins with a female high school student who is kidnapped by a killer with a speech impediment. In order to survive, she tells the scariest stories to the killer.
Cast: Kim Ji-Won – kidnapped student

Sun and Moon (“Haewa Dal”)
: Jung Bum-Sik
Plot: A suspicious delivery man knocks on the door where a young brother and sister wait for their mom. The young brother and sister try not to open the door.
Cast: Kim Hyun-Soo No Kang-Min Ra Mi-Ran

Fear Plane (“Kongpo Bihaenggi”)
: Lim Dae-Woong
Plot: A flight attendant faces a serial killer alone, while the airplane is flying at an altitude of 30,000 meters.
Cast: Choi Yoon-Young – flight attendant Jin Tae-Hyun – serial killer

Kongji, Patzzi:
: Hong Ji-Young
Plot: Revolves around half brother and sister, stepmother and a rich family. Kong-Ji was born to be beautiful and Park-Ji became beautiful after having plastic surgery.
Cast: Nam Bo-Ra Jung Eun-Chae Bae Soo-Bin Na Young-Hee

: Kim Gok, Kim Sun
Plot: City is plagued by a virus. 5 survivors get on an ambulance, but one of those 5 survivors is infected with the fatal virus.
Cast: Kim Ji-Young Kim Ye-Won Jo Han-Cheol Park Jae-Woong


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