Oct 8, 2012

Continuous Online Games Vs. Franchises


If you’ve played Resident Evil 6, you’ll either love it or, well, dislike it quite considerably. Perhaps you’re even in the middle. Capcom‘s latest dispatch from zombie-infested world of Resident Evil, also known in Japan as BIOHAZARD, has been met with a real mix of criticism, from those who love the new direction it’s taken to those who feel that the franchise needs to be put to rest or, at the very least, rebooted.

The tricky thing is that it’s a game in a franchise. Ongoing games – ones that never really end, are rapidly becoming a better objective for a lot of companies. Already, through downloadable content, game developers are extending a player’s digital experiences. But there are games out there, specifically two main fields of game design, that are succeeding.


The first is online gaming in the poker and casino field. You’re likely to have run into something like foxybingo.com at some point, and it’s arguable that it’s very difficult to see how it can fail. Given that there are a range of classic games, an ongoing effort and helping players monetise the time they spend on said games, and a strong community feel, it’s a great way to keep a gaming experience going.

The other field is multiplayer in traditional videogames – the FPS, the MMORPG. While these work, they’re not as instant-result as an online poker tournament. You could spend $15 a month on World of Warcraft, but there’s no potential of return on your investment. Diablo III remedied this and brought other gaming experiences closer to those of the Vegas-styled online gaming genre with items you could sell on a real-money auction house.

In order to generate revenue for developers, you have to be willing to generate some form of income, be it financial or at least in the form of reputation, for the player themselves. Free-to-play titles or Resident Evil Six are remnants of an “ongoing series” approach that will wear out as time goes on. Bring an ongoing gaming experience to the table, and you might just have what it takes to survive.


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