Feb 12, 2013

Eight Most Difficult Video Games of this Generation


When you buy a game you do not want to go for something which is too easy to complete. You want to buy something whereby you will get your money’s worth because there is a vast amount of entertainment for you to enjoy. Considering the wealth of free online games for kids and other games downloadable suited for adults this should not be something which is too difficult – after all you certainly have a lot to choose from. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a real challenge then you should consider one of the following eight games mentioned in this article. After all, they are eight of the most difficult video games of this generation.

1. Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels
There is no other game which this article could have started with. You may have expected a gruesome action game to feature first, but no; it is the highly popular Super Mario. You may be thinking; “I’ve played Super Mario, it’s not that difficult”. However, this version was not even released in America because they were so worried that it would be detrimental to the reputation of the popular game franchise.

2. Contra
This game misses all the fancy animation and extra details that some of the most popular games have today. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a tough challenge then it can certainly give you that. You can’t save the game, you only get three lives, you can’t protect yourself and if you so much as get skimmed by an attack then you are dead.

3. Lost Planet
Lost Planet has generally received a good reception and a lot of people were pleasantly surprised by the game which provides the full entertainment experience. However, when you switch to the hardest difficulty level, that positive feeling soon turns into extreme frustration.

4. Resonance of Fate
When it comes to difficulty, one of the most frustrating and annoying aspects is when you can’t get a grasp of how the game works. This is the problem with Resonance of Fate; it takes a great deal of time to get used to.

5. God of War III
If you can complete the ‘Chaos’ mode of this game then you deserve a gold medal. You will have to deal with a relentless attack from the enemies, and you don’t even get a chance to breathe because they recover from any of your damage imminently. If you are looking for a monumental challenge then this is certainly it.

6. Primitive Pattern
This game is one of those games whereby the concept is so easy, yet the game is so difficult – a bit like a Rubix cube!

7. Devil May Cry 4
As many other games in this article are – this game is enjoyable until you increase the difficulty level. It provides one of those impossible environments whereby unless you have perfect reaction speed then you have got no chance.

8. Demon’s Soul
A lot of people remark that the sheer purpose of this game is to die – that gives you an idea of both how difficult and gruesome this game is.

So, if you are up for a challenge then you should certainly consider giving one of these eight games a try. If not then you should perhaps just stick to one of the free online games for kids, at least you know you can pass those!


CJ is a qualified journalist. She tested an array of free online games for kids in order to find the most difficult video games of this generation.

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