Feb 19, 2013

How the Future of TV Technology Will Lead To Power Shift in Broadcasting Industry


The rapid changes in TV technology are giving sleepless nights to makers as well as broadcasters. They have to keep up with the evolving needs of the consumers to stay in business. Else, they risk losing a majority of the people who subscribe to their services. At present, the people are well aware of the channels and other content they can get to watch on the TV.

The bigger threat to the broadcasters is coming through the newer channels of viewing content made available to the people. After all, the average viewer is going to opt for the medium through which he/she can access a wider range of content at an affordable price. It is not necessary that the best option has to be the traditional broadcaster. In short, the broadcasting industry will witness a power shift in the future because of the progress of TV technology.

Newer Ways to Find Content

Consumers don’t need to be limited in their search for more content. They can watch content broadcast from virtually anywhere in the world on their TV sets. If they own a smart TV, the internet opens up further doors for them to explore the content being seen by people living in other countries. The bottom-line is that finding content to watch on TV is not difficult at all. All it takes is a little searching.

When the consumers know they have access to virtually unlimited content, they aren’t likely to stick to the same packages from the broadcasters they are subscribed to. The needs of the people are changing and they are altering their preferences to suit them. Gone are the days when people used to tape a game or a show they had missed. They can easily find a way to watch it later or the next day without having to set the recorder at a specific time and then trying to find the time to watch it.

The Internet – Opening Doors to More Content

The internet has been the prime catalyst in providing people with the option to access more content without having to go through the traditional mediums. You would be surprised to learn about the number of people who have ditched their cable package simply because they can find all they want to watch over the internet. All it takes is a TV which can connect to the internet and unlimited bandwidth and you are good to go. Just go online and find all the content you want to watch.

This has been the overall trend in the gadget industry over the past few years as well. People are moving away from large devices towards mobile devices. Today, you see every other person using a smartphone or tablet. They can watch their favorite shows or movies on the smaller screen whenever they feel like it. Services like Netflix, Hulu and even YouTube have made it possible for them to ditch the conventional broadcasters and browse for content online through different websites, apps and browsers.

It was the same trend which forced makers of TVs to rethink their strategy. They did that by incorporating the internet into the TV and creating smart TVs. It enabled people to use the internet on their TV, thereby providing them the chance to browse for content through the services mentioned above than flipping channels, hoping there is something worth watching on TV. That has resulted in people shifting away from the conventional broadcasters even during the prime time hours.


The future of TV technology is clear. People are going to use the internet to find and watch content on their TVs. With internet access becoming a matter of routine on the smart TVs, there is nothing stopping the people from accessing the wealth of content available to them. This scenario is pointing towards a massive power shift in the broadcasting industry, with online services looking likely to run away with the rewards. The traditional broadcasters would have to think out of the box if they have to survive.


AJ is a self-proclaimed couch potato whose hours are spent watching TV. She blogs about the future of TV technology and the different websites including Dish Latino, where readers can find the best cable packages which are most efficient.

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