Dec 1, 2014

18th Japan Media Arts Festival Award List Announced


The 18th Japan Media Arts Festival award list has been announced in JMAF’s official website. Below is the list of recipients in all categories – Art Division, Entertainment Division, Animation Division, Manga Division, and also included recipients of the Special Achievement Award. Check them out.

Art Division

Excellence Award
– This may not be a movie by GOSHIMA Kazuhiro (Japan)
– Sensing streams – invisible, inaudible by SAKAMOTO Ryuichi / MANABE Daito (Japan)
– Drone Survival Guide by Ruben PATER (Netherlands)
– Nyloïd by Cod.Act (Michel DÉCOSTERD / André DÉCOSTERD) (Switzerland)
– “patrinia yellow” for Clarinet and Computer by FUKUSHIMA Satoshi (Japan)

New Face Award
– A Tale of Tehrangeles by Anahita RAZMI (Germany)
– Symbiotic Machine by Ivan HENRIQUES (Brazil)
– Temps mort / Idle times – dinner scene by Alex VERHAEST (Belgium)

Entertainment Division

Grand Prize
– Ingress by Google’s Niantic Labs (John HANKE, Founder) (United States)

Excellence Award
– Noramoji Project by SHIMOHAMA Rintaro / NISHIMURA Naoki / WAKAOKA Shinya (Japan)
– handiii by KONDO Genta / YAMAURA Hiroshi / KONISHI Tetsuya (Japan)
– Kintsugi by APOTROPIA (Antonella MIGNONE / Cristiano PANEPUCCIA) (Italy)
– 3RD by Hedwig HEINSMAN / Niki SMIT / Simon van der LINDEN (Netherlands)

New Face Award
– Auto-Complain by Florian BORN (Germany)
– Slime Synthesizer by Dorita / Airgarage lab (KAWAUCHI Naofumi / SASAKI Yumi) (Japan)
– 5D ARCHIVE DEPT. by KATSUKI Kohichi(Japan)

Animation Division

Grand Prize
– The Wound by Anna Budanova (Russia)

Excellence Awards
– Crayon Shin-chan Movie 22: Gachinko! Gyakushuu no Robo To-chan by Wataru Takahashi (Japan)
– Giovanni no Shima by Mizuho Nishikubo (Japan)
– Padre by Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso (Argentina)
– The Sense of Touch by Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo (France)

New Face Awards
– My Milk Cup Cow by Yantong Zhu (China)
– Tamako Love Story by Naoko Yamada (Japan)
– Man on the chair by Dahee Jeong (Korea)

Manga Division

Grand Prize
– Goshoku no Fune by Youko Kondou (Art) and Yasumi Tsuhara (Story) (Japan)

Excellence Award
– Aoi Honoo by Kazuhiko Shimamoto (Japan)
– A Chinese Life by Kunwu Li (Art) and Philippe Ôtié (Story) (China, France)
– Harukaze no Snegurochka by Hiroaki Samura (Japan)
– Hitsugi no Ki by Mikio Igarashi (Art) and Tatsuhiko Yamagami (Story) (Japan)

New Face Award
– Ai wo Kurae!! by Renaissance Yoshida (Japan)
– Chii-chan wa Chotto Tarinai by Tomomi Abe (Japan)
– Dobugawa by Aoi Ikebe (Japan)

Special Achievement Award

Engineering Designer

ONO Kosei
Film Critic / Manga Critic / Foreign Comic Translator / Foreign Comic and Animation Researcher

Artist / Educator

Animation Researcher

Jury Selections:

JMAF official website:

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