Jan 23, 2014

Good news to Resident Evil fans and PC gamers out there – Capcom just announced yesterday that Resident Evil 4 is finally coming to Windows PC in HD. “Resident Evil...Read More

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Sep 13, 2013

Meister Watches recently partnered with Capcom and designed a special Umbrella Corporation Ambassador limited edition watch. The premium watch is to promote Capcom‘s Resident Evil game franchise. The Resident Evil...Read More

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Aug 8, 2013

Good news to Resident Evil fans and music lovers out there – the soundtrack for Resident Evil 6 is now available online for download. Fans can enjoy over 2.5 hours...Read More

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Mar 5, 2013

Check out this new trailer from Capcom for the upcoming release of Resident Evil: Revelations. The game, which was first released for the Nintendo 3DS last January 2012, will be...Read More

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Jan 23, 2013

The official channel for the survival horror video game Resident Evil recently began streaming the announcement trailer for the game “Resident Evil: Revelations” coming out in Xbox 360, PlayStation 3,...Read More

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Jan 10, 2013

Capcom just began streaming in their official channel the latest promotional video for the upcoming “DmC: Devil May Cry” video game. The trailer also features the theme song “Nothing Helps”...Read More

Dec 17, 2012

In celebration of Mega man‘s 25th anniversary, Capcom will be releasing a free game, “Mega Man X Street Fighter”, for the PC. The game features an 8-bit fighting game with...Read More

Nov 26, 2012

The official channel of game developer and publisher Level-5 began streaming the promotional video for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game “Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney”. Co-developed with Capcom, the game...Read More

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Nov 24, 2012

As Capcom celebrates the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter., another popular video game series by the company also celebrates its 25th year – Mega Man. More popularly known as Rockman...Read More

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Nov 14, 2012

The latest PV of the upcoming Lost Planet spin-off game, “E.X. Troopers!”, has been released which features 16-minute of gameplay. The video also features in-game video footages and manga-like cinematics...Read More

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